December 15, 2014

Vic Mahfood

Best Gin Rummy

Developer Quote: "Best Gin Rummy is based on a popular two-player card game, adapted into the touch-screen era through aesthetic game layouts, animations, graphics and sound effects."

- COST:     Free     - APP STORE STARS:     4
- Categories: Cards, Entertainment, Games, Universal

Isn't it wonderful when family and friends come to stay during the holidays? We can gather around the table chatting about the good ole' days, eating, drinking and perhaps playing some kind of game. Cards is a popular way to happily pass time. Nowadays though, you can play an excellent game of cards right on your iOS device!

I'd like to introduce you to the Best Gin Rummy app by Kuralsoft. There's no pain involved in downloading it because it is FREE after all! How many of you have played Gin Rummy before? This original game was an offshoot of Whiskey Poker and is a fast-paced game! It is played with a deck of 52 cards, and the objective is to score points, usually 100, before your opponent. You should attempt to form melds (sets of 3 or 4 cards sharing the same rank), and eliminate deadwood (cards that do not fit in the melds). In this case, your opponent is the virtual player created through the app itself!

Now you know what you are dealing with as far as a good card hand, let's take a look at the features of the game to see what this universal iPhone, iPad gin rummy card game has to offer you:

- Universal app, supports iPhone, iPod touch & iPad
- Optimized for iOS 8
- Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 plus screens and supports HD graphics
- Powerful Gin Rummy game engine for experts and beginners. Can choose "Expert", "Medium" or "Rookie" levels from the settings
- Users can arrange their own hands, just disable auto melding from settings
- Option to switch off spin animation

- Introducing two-tap-drop, if you happen to drop the wrong card, this option is for you
- Fun and visually appealing card game with immerse gaming experience
- Optimized for speed and size
- Uses state of the art animations
- Fully automated melding or sorting of cards

- Fully automated game play - meld, knock, gin, big gin, undercut and bonus are processed automatically
- Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI); plays like a human
- Improved game speed control, use a slider to control game speed
- FAQ: Please refer this section for any questions or game rules
- Improved contest screen, if you are contest winner, just visit this contest screen to claim your reward
- Supports online and offline gaming experience. Offline scores are accumulated and added to online score when the player sign in back to Game Center
- Engage players with Game Center leader-board and recognize their extraordinary achievements with monthly contest

Launch Best Gin Rummy and tap Start New Game. A nice, clean blue board awaits you with a red deck of cards. Graphics are sharp and clear, while the cards are nicely sized so that they are easy to read. You'll find a radio button for Menu to your left, and one for Score to your right. On the Menu button you may explore Contest (a monthly contest which ends on the last day of the month), Settings (choose your play level and other game effects here), FAQ (find helpful game rules), Game Center and Game Stats, Continue Play or begin a New Game.

Ok, now back to the deck of cards. You'll find your hand of 10 cards face up on the bottom of the screen, and your clever AI opponent (iPhone) on the top face down. The rest of the deck is to the left, while you throw down discards to the right. You must draw either the (face-up) top card of the discard pile, or pull from the (face-down) top card from the card deck. This is added to your hand, and so now you must discard one item. Throughout the game you may change speed of game play, and turn music off or on.

I started out cautiously with a Rookie game, not being as familiar with Gin Rummy as some of my die-hard friends who may have been at Medium or Expert level. I will say though that by the end of the game, I'd become quite hooked into the rhythm and thought processes of the game. It is highly entertaining to say the least! One of my favorite features is the spin animation, and I got a kick out of the sound effects. Though my device won the first round, I bravely went on to win some rounds myself!

This is simply quite the best way to play the game on your own. No more dog-eared playing cards or missing a few from the deck, and certainly no physical player is necessary. It's just you and the invisible but smart player of Best Gin Rummy outwitting each other all the way!

COOL CONCLUSION: Play a challenging card game on your iOS device with the Best Gin Rummy app, enjoying superbly smooth game play, and some very smart artificial intelligence as your opponent!
--Date/Version: Updated 3/5/14 - Version 3.1
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Rated 4+.
--Device: Universal: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Language: English
--Facebook: Kuralsoft
--Twitter: Kuralsoft
--Developer: Kuralsoft



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