January 14, 2015

Vic Mahfood

10 Terrific Ideas to Use Your Older iPads in Useful Ways

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Though Apple has come out with several new iPads over the past years, I am still faithful to my iPad 2. Of course I'd like an iPad Air, and who wouldn't? But that will be a very special reward for some time in the future (lottery or hard-earned winnings)! In the meantime, there are those who have their original iPad, plus the iPad 2 version or one after that. If you want the latest model, you may be pondering what to do with your old one(s). You could probably try to sell them on eBay, but don't go rushing online to your eBay account just yet!

Lifehack.org wrote a really great article with some out of the box thoughts on how to deal with your old iPad. Take a look at their genius ideas:
A. Make it a Radio
You can turn your old iPad into a radio system by only using it to play music. If you have guests, they can play all of their music through your new radio system that didn’t cost you anything. All you need is a set of speakers, and you can get a pretty decent set for a reasonable price. An added bonus is that you get loads of great music, without having to find a place in your home for a bulky stereo system.

B. Home Security
When you use your old iPad with AtHome Camera Free or a similar app, it becomes a video surveillance system. Just point the iPad at a specific spot, such as the front door. As soon as any movements at the area are detected, you will be notified by the iPad.

(Photo by Maciverse)

C. Your New Recipe Book
Recipe books or loose papers with recipes written on them can be a real pain, and they get lost easily. Your old iPad can hold all kinds of recipes, shopping lists, etc. You can attach the iPad to a wall, and it is always there when you need it. Big Oven organizes your recipes, automatically generates shopping lists, and offers 200,000 additional cooking projects online.

D. A New Clock
If you get the QLockTwo app, which only costs $0.99, you can turn your iPad into a clock. The fun part is you don’t even have to look at the time, because it will speak the time to you in words.

To finish reading this article of 10 worthy ways to use your old iPad, click this link to get to the Lifehack site.

Finally, I like to think of my iPad a sturdy work horse. And I'd rather keep it in the stable to do other chores instead of getting rid of it! What about you?


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