January 12, 2015

Vic Mahfood

Botticelli HD

Developer Quote: "Botticelli is a catalog of great artworks from Botticelli. iPad/iPhone/iTouch Compatible! iPad 3 Retina display enhanced, HD art works!"

- COST:     Free     - APP STORE STARS:     5
- Categories: Art, Education, Entertainment, Reference, Universal

Something about the generous figures of Botticelli's subjects appeal to me. Maybe it's because I will never be of the stick thin variety, while this artist revered the ample figure. Especially after all the delicious holiday treats, I am feeling that perhaps I could be a Botticelli model were he still alive! In any event, art aficionado or not, you will enjoy the lush and brilliant paintings of this well known artist of the Italian Renaissance era. Features of this beautiful iPhone, iPad 15th century art app include:

- Search for artists/ artwork name/ whatever you can think to describe a painting or artwork

- Selected YouTube VIDEOS on Botticelli

- Slideshow with background music

- We have a featured session, using narratives and art works to illustrate the timeline of Botticelli.

This Collection has 5 categories:

✳ Early paintings (up to 1472)
✳ Paintings from 1472 to 1490
✳ Late paintings (from 1490)
✳ Paintings of religious subjects
✳ Portraits, Drawings and Illustrations

- User Interface:
Simple and nice interface, brings great art into our life.

- Accessibility:
Access to information without wifi or 3G connection

- Updated Information:
The image bank is updated frequently.

Enjoy the educational and reference benefits of learning about this master of art, in addition to his rich paintings with Botticelli HD.

--Date/Version: Updated 11/9/12 - Version 2.0
--iOS/Age Rating:  This app requires iOS 4 or later. Rated 12+.
--Device: UniversaliPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
--Developer: Wei Yao



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