February 25, 2015

Vic Mahfood

Is Life Passing You By As You Interact With Your Cell Phone?

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Early mornings are the best for me to enjoy some quick reading on news and articles of interest pertaining to my life. As usual, today I found another excellent, thought-provoking piece by lifehack.org. Titled, 14 Things You Miss When Constantly Staring At Your Smartphone, I found myself nodding and agreeing with many points included in this article.

These very sensible points I knew I had to share with readers. At the same time, I consciously made a deal with myself to look up and enjoy my surroundings instead of developing a bent neck while scrutinizing the wonders of my phone 24/7! Take a look to see if you too are missing out on some wonderful life moments all because of your attachment to your smartphone!

Smartphones are great – they contain apps that increase work productivity, that decrease the feeling of loneliness through social media, that play music and videos and show inspiring pictures. But oftentimes they stand between you and the world around you. The world is a beautiful place, and you should take some time every once in a while to just perceive it. You might miss a lot of cool events and sights when staring at your phone all day, including some of the things below:

1. You’re missing your own thoughts when you have nothing prompting them.
Benjamin Franklin used to schedule dedicated “Free Association” time – time in which he did nothing and just let his thoughts move free-flow. He would often come up with some of his best ideas during this time. Let your mind wander, and you might stumble across the idea for the next bifocals, as Franklin did.

2. You’re missing the leaves in fall and the first snow in winter.
The color of the leaves in fall and the texture of the first snow are things that will never be truly captured in an Instagram picture, so just soak it in for your own memories.

3. You’re missing neighborhood artwork.
You probably walk the same path home every day, but have you ever truly seen it? Quit checking Facebook as you walk – there might be a mural on the grocery store down the street that you have never seen because you were on your smartphone.

4. You’re missing talented street performers.
You just walk past Chicago’s Bucket Boys or the Naked Cowboy on Times Square because you were on Tinder. Look up and enjoy the sights!
To finish reading this well-written post, visit Lifehack to see how accurately they may have profiled you!


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