January 29, 2018

Vic Mahfood

journi Journal and Photo Book

Are you a free spirit who enjoys traveling by yourself or with friends? Adventure calls with its siren song, and you must be ready to embrace it and record every glorious moment! Use pictures, maps and your words to create a beautiful history book for yourself or to share

Developer Quote: "Store and share your photos as beautiful timelines with maps with journi Journal and Photo Book!"
By: Journi GmbH

You create an instant photo book, full privacy control which works offline, syncs across devices! Try it out!

Your Advantages:

▸ Turn your travel adventures into beautiful stories with photos, text, maps, stamps, weather, flights and more.
▸ Order your unique photo book with one click.
▸ Decide who can see your stories: Just for you, Secret, Only on request or Public.
▸ Use journi offline, without Internet.

▸ Create stories together with friends and have all moments captured in one place.
▸ Upload multiple photos at once and let journi build your story automatically. No matter if it's photos from a past or current adventure, journi will group them smartly by time and location data.
▸ Save your photos in 4 x times higher resolution than on Instagram for free, or upgrade to Premium to save your full-size photos.
▸ Invite friends to follow or share your journi via iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, etc.
▸ Explore and search other stories from around the world and get inspired.
▸ Find and navigate to moments using the timeline or the overview map.

Read more info on this Lifestyle app and download it from the App Store here: journi Journal and Photo Book


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