February 17, 2018

Vic Mahfood

Apple Talk on Projected iPhones for 2018

We've just come across some exciting news concerning iPhone and 2018.  Take a look at what to expect in the near future, if you've been holding off on getting a phone, so you can see the possibilities.

Reports from multiple independent sources say that Apple will launch three iPhones in 2018, and they’ll all have the same design as last year’s iPhone X. The notch, which cuts into the top side of the display to make room for Face ID camera components, the speaker, and the new selfie camera will be found on all new models this coming September. That also means no new iPhones will have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, of course. 

Apple doesn’t comment on speculation about unreleased products, but the company just hinted that the rumors about 2018 iPhones might be true. 

By requiring developers to support the 5.8-inch iPhone X Super Retina display, Apple is practically making sure that all apps going forward will look good on all-screen iPhones that are notched. After all, because of the notch, Apple had to issue specific app design guidelines for the iPhone X last year...

 We've taken this snippet from a great article because we scour the news for you, but feel free to continue reading the good stuff from the authors at BGR.com right HERE.

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