March 24, 2018

Vic Mahfood

Guest Post- Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri

If you're enjoying life with your device's smart assistant, the guest post below will give you some insight into the differences between all 3 (Google vs Alexa vs Siri). To enhance this post, the author has also included a clear and easy to read infographic to support it with accompanying link. Let your entertaining weekend reading begin!

"All the smart assistants work on almost the same logic. The difference comes in the protocols and the different rules over which the smart assistants are made. Every smart assistant is triggered by some words that cause it to take certain action. If you say 'Ok Google', it will trigger action in that particular smart assistant and it will take your query. Once you have uttered the sentence, which can be anything like a query or a statement, it will immediately break down everything in small pieces and send the information to the servers.

You may notice when the internet connection is slow, the assistants often keep fluctuating in their responses. Once the query reaches the servers of that smart assistant, an algorithm analyzes the whole query to understand what exactly it means. If it understands, a response is immediately sent while if the query was not understandable then the assistant will fire back saying, 'Did you mean--(blank)?' Once the response is set, then the result is shown.

The below infographic is an excellent example of how the top 3 smart assistant respond to different queries. The funny thing about these assistants is how they also have a sense of humor. In our test, we realized that the most relevant responses came from Google Assistant. Amazon’s Alexa gave satisfactory responses while Apple’s Siri still lacks in even the easiest of the queries. The best part about smart assistants is that they work on artificial intelligence which means the more you use it, the better they become at their crafts."

Check out the great infographic below from

Comparing Smart Assistants – Infographic

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