March 12, 2018

Vic Mahfood

iHandy Level

A friend of mine is so very artistic, and gives me one of her beautiful paintings every so often. In that case, it's up to me to find the perfect spot to hang her work, and it's got to be absolutely level and straight, or both of us will get annoyed. Finding iHandy Level was one of the best tools I could have used, and it's always conveniently ready on my phone.

Developer Quote: "iHandy Level is definitely the most beautiful and accurate level you can get in hand."
By: iHandy, Inc. - Cost: Free - Rating: 4-1/2 Stars

iHandy Level (one of the 5 tools of iHandy Carpenter toolkit) is now for free! Take this chance to download!

You can use iHandy Level for:
- Home decoration
- Picture Alignment
- Angle measurement

- Measure angles of slope, escalator
- Measure the verticality of a wall, or furniture
- Measure the inclination of an aircraft, ship, car or mountain
- Roof pitch calculation

Read more info on this Utilities app and download it from the App Store: iHandy Level

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