April 10, 2018

Vic Mahfood

Kids Doodle - Movie Kids Color & Draw

Give a kid a crayon or paint brush, and he will be happy for hours using his busy imagination. Parents can get a bit frustrated by the mess created by crayons marking the floor or table, or paint splashes here and there. That's why it's so great to be able to doodle on a phone. There's no mess, and there's loads of bright, glorious color. Let children use Kids Doodle to create masterpieces with loads of brushes and colors.

Developer Quote: "Kids Doodle is a pretty easy-to-use painting application that is designed specifically for little kids."
By: Bejoy Mobile - Cost: Free - Rating: 4 Stars

With Kids Doodle, little kids enjoy the chance to doodle freely on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It supports more than 20 brushes, such as neon, fireworks, rainbow brush, crayon brush, oil brush, etc. The brush size and color is randomly adjusted to let kids be entertained all the time.

Specialty: Kids Doodle provides a "Video" mode to play back the drawing steps just like a movie. With this attractive feature, the family can share the pleasure with each other when looking at how kids created the drawing stroke by stroke.

A built-in gallery is supported. It can store both the drawing picture and its process. As a result, you can continue your drawing whenever your want, or play back the old drawing anytime you want.

"Kids Doodle" can import photos for kids to doodle on. Kids always love to draw on family photos to make them look uniquely interesting.

Read more info on this Games app and download it from the App Store: Kids Doodle - Movie Kids Color & Draw

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