April 15, 2018

Vic Mahfood

World Factbook & Atlas

How much do you really know about our world? Most of us get so busy at work, we have no time to explore the wonders of beauty and many cultures out there. I would give anything to travel more and experience these things, but I don't see it happening soon so that's where the usefulness of World Factbook & Atlas comes in.

Developer Quote: "The World Factbook & Atlas is a reliable and extremely popular source of information on all the nations of the world. "
By: jDictionary Mobile - Cost: $1.99 - Rating: 5 Stars

World Factbook & Atlas provides up-to-date, valuable data for more than 250 countries and territories in a concise, well-organized format whenever and wherever you want.
It also provides interesting chapters for our changing planet, oceans and parts of the world whose status has not yet been resolved (e.g., West Bank, Spratly Islands).
Topics addressed include natural resources, industries, GDP, religion, ethnic groups, legal system and much more.

Key data are grouped under the headings of introduction/background, geography, people, government, economy, energy, communications, transportation, military, transnational issues.
The World Factbook & Atlas is a must-have application for those who possess a curiosity or concern about the rapidly changing world in which we live.


- Up to date - The World Factbook & Atlas database is updated regularly, updates are free of charge
- Spectacular - In addition to detailed country profiles, The World Factbook & Atlas features interesting chapters for our changing planet, oceans and parts of the world whose status has not yet been resolved
- Built-in high-resolution (5726 megapixel) offline world atlas - You don't need an internet connection to use it
- Country comparison function - It allows users to quickly view how countries rank in different categories
- Widely accepted - The World Factbook & Atlas database is used by many government agencies, businessmen, students etc. There are hundreds of thousands of users worldwide
- Fast look-ups, snappy user interface, smooth-scrolling screens
- Editable history/bookmarks function
- Multitasking & Retina display support
- Designed specifically for iPhone/iPod touch
- No internet connection required

Read more info on this Reference app and download it from the App Store: World Factbook & Atlas

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