February 18, 2019

Vic Mahfood

Random Facts — 3500+ Interesting, Unusual, and Random Facts!

Do you have a thirst for knowledge and trivia? If so, you will have fun with Random Facts — 3500+ Interesting, Unusual, and Random Facts!, the app that brings you unique information. Keep the conversation going with Random Facts, your friends will be most amazed at your wisdom!

Developer Quote: "Amuse yourself with thousands of facts that are entertaining, funny, gross, educational, surprising, random, silly and more with Random Facts."
By: Matthew King     - Cost: Free    - Rating: 4-1/2 Stars

With facts about everything including the animal kingdom, history, food, science, sports, and more, there's something of interest for everyone.

You'll even be able to save your favorite random facts in a list that you can recall, add to, or edit any time you like. Plus, if one random fact a day just isn't enough for you, you can see even more with just a touch of a button. Expand your knowledge, impress your friends--you'll love learning something fascinating, and maybe even surprising, every day.

You can also share your knowledge with all your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email with just a couple taps.

Read more info on this BOOKS app and download it from the App Store: Random Facts — 3500+ Interesting, Unusual, and Random Facts!
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