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Like most of us, our previous cell phones had always been of the plain-Jane, non-touch-screen, non-smartphone variety, and pretty much only made phone calls. Before long we had joined the iPhone cult and become aficionados, now to include iPad and Apple Watch.

Once the beautiful devices were in our hot little hands, we were mesmerized by the uncountable things we could do. And the apps. Oh, the apps! Countless hours were spent reveling in our iPhones and swapping stories of the awesome apps we were discovering on an hourly basis. 

We decided that we needed an outlet to share all this fun stuff. "Why don't we share app suggestions and tips with other app lovers?" we asked ourselves. That was when Cool iPhone Apps was born. Since then, the blog has evolved and increased steadily in readership. We diligently started promoting apps in February of 2009. Here we are in 2018, Apple addiction has reached a new high, and we are loving every minute.

A few years ago, we opened our store Cool Mobile Accessories online at so we could hand-pick and offer a variety of unique, exquisite and fine cases. 

We took a hiatus from Cool iPhone Apps to focus on other exciting programs, but missed sharing apps and our readership too much. So we came back this year to continue our quest for apps that make a difference, and to put a little bit of zing in your day.

App Lovers - You are probably always researching the latest apps. This blog is DEDICATED to helping you find the most productive, entertaining and fun apps on the App Store. You may browse by category, star rating or cost. Enjoy these iPhone/iPad app selections, and check back often for more useful, unique and cool listings. 

Developers - We are pleased to showcase your entertaining and helpful apps on our site. This proves beneficial to both you and your app fans. Additionally, we have room to advertise your latest releases, contests or news and want to assist you in any way we can to bring your app to the world's attention.Contact us at: to assist you with one or several of the many services we offer.