Press Release Services

At Cool iPhone Apps, we are proud to present a new service for advertising purposes which is offering Press Releases in a variety of forms.  We can offer you the following services:

1) Post your Press Release as a site post which will be visible in Center Home Screen for  3 days (moving from 1st to 2nd post spot within 3 days). After that it will remain on our site for lifetime, but not be visible on Home Page.

- Size: 1,500 Words (characters and spaces) approx., plus 1 (one) image of Size: 100 to 350 width,  and 100 to 250 length approx.
- Cost: $50

2) Post a Mini Press Release in the Right or Left Sidebar on Home Screen which will be visible for 2 weeks from date posted, and then removed. 

- Size:  200 width x 500 length approx. and includes the App Store Badge. 
This equals roughly 700 Words (characters and spaces) approx.
- Cost: $40

3) Post BOTH Press Release post and Mini Press Release in the Sidebar for same time frames as indicated above for each item.
- Cost: $85

Please see example of a Mini Press Release in Sidebar below. 

We look forward to helping you advertise and publicize your app or other product! Let us know how we can help you. Contact us at with any questions you may have.

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