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Cool iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps specializes in publicizing or introducing apps for developers and showcasing them to our large and growing readership of over 250,000 subscribers, social network followers and app lovers. We are dedicated to presenting the public with fair, succinct information on all apps. We commit to represent developers fairly upon app review with no prejudice or bias involved.

Apps that are showcased are of a promotional nature, listing from iTunes the features, specs, images and video of the app, along with Developer contact information.

There are minimal fees for the services, time and conscientious effort involved in representing you, social networking your app, and maintaining contact with you at all times. Prices effective May 10, 2013.

Featured apps and advertised articles will be completed within 4-7 days of payment to Paypal. An expedited promotional review within 3 days of payment may be obtained for an additional fee.

You may also order a Press Release Package from us. Please visit our page to see what we have to offer you. There are 3 options from which you can choose.

Use our convenient Advertising and Services Order Form to complete your order. Please send Paypal payment to:


PackageReviewAdd TweetsText BoxCost
Basic Package A      Yes0No$70   
Package B Yes4200 x 300   $125
Package C Yes4No$80
Package D Yes2200 x 200$100
Package EYes3700 x 80$135


(A) Basic Package A: $70 plus Promo Code

1) Promotional Review
2) The first 3 Tweets will be at no charge to announce the App.
3) A Keyword Link to your app on the App Store at no charge. (Addtional Links available-Small fee.)
4) App Promo giveaways (if you wish) by Retweets & Facebook post on your app for up to 6 promos at no charge.
5) Promotional Review will also be placed on our page Showcased Apps for 3 months at no charge. (Posted on our 2nd Site if requested-Small fee.)
6) Promotional review posted to many social networking sites at no charge.

(B) Package B: $125 plus Promo Code
- Includes Promotional Review
- News/Link/Graphics Box (Wording provided by you in 200 x 300 spot) in right or left sidebar
- 4 extra Tweets
- All Basic Package A items

(C) Package C: $80 plus Promo Code
- Includes Promotional Review
- 4 extra Tweets(2/day x 2)
- All Basic Package A items

(D) Package D: $100 plus Promo Code
- Includes Promotional Review
- 2 extra Tweets
- News/Link/Graphics Box (wording provided by you in 200 x 200 spot) in right or left sidebar
- All Basic Package A items

(E) Package E: $135 plus Promo Code
- Includes Promotional Review
- Header Banner (Artwork provided by you in 700 x 80 spot on top of homepage for 2 weeks)
- 3 extra Tweets
- All Basic Package A items
 - A la carte : Pick only the items you want below!

    - Expedited Reviews (posted within 3 days after payment): Add $15

    Press Releases - See packages below in Link, Boxes, Press Releases

    - REPEAT Clients: Get 5% discount on any service or 3 FREE Tweets!


Item Box-(WxH) Cost $
Additional Keyword Link in ReviewN/A$20 (lifetime)
Context Link in postN/A$60 (lifetime)
Text Link in Left Sidebar Group Box on Home PageN/A$110/6-mos
Text Link in Individual Widget Box on Home Page200 x 50$120/6-mos
Press Release in PostN/A$45 (lifetime)
Press Release in Sidebar200 x 550$30/1 week
App Store Description postPost Home Page$45 (lifetime)
Press Release in Post & SidebarN/A$70
Text/Graphics/Link on Home Page200 x 200$25/1-mo
Text/Graphics/Link on Home Page200 x 300$35/1-mo
Header Banner on Home Page     700 x 80  $65/2-wks;                  
Inline Ad in Current Review400 x 125$60 (lifetime)

* Advertising Text and Image Boxes: Featured in the right or left sidebar or header and contain wording or artwork provided by you.


~ Are you losing sales because your App Store description is not catchy enough or grammatically correct? You know how important first impressions are! Non-English speaking developers may need someone to give their English descriptions a face-lift. Other developers can use help to make their descriptions smoking hot, thus increasing sales. Let us apply our writing skills to boost the self confidence of prospective app purchasers. Remember: your written description says a lot about your app. Contact us for rates.


Item # Tweets Cost Each
Single Re/Tweets                 1 - 12           $3        
Bulk Re/Tweets13 - 20$2

- Tweets include 2 variations, and are posted 2 per day.


Please additionally see our Advertising Services schedule to get a better idea of what forms of advertisement you may use to further publicize your apps.

Cool iPhone Apps has many loyal followers that will truly enjoy your apps.
Please e-mail us to discuss how we can publicize your apps or product to achieve improved sales results at:

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