Top Paid iPad Apps

October 20, 2021

It seems that the reign of the once mighty Tablets may be over. With their introduction in 2010, and the launch of the iPad, Tablets rapidly climbed to the top. This hand-held device could serve as both a light but efficient laptop and a slate. It caught the public’s imagination and manufacturers from different, if allied, lines jumped on the bandwagon. Phone manufacturers like HTC and PC makers like Panasonic and Dell focused their attention on Tablets. Even cassette makers like Maxell joined the party, as did a number of Asian electronic companies like Lenovo. By 2013, the sale of Tablets had peaked. But then the sale of these stand-alone devices began to decline, almost as steeply as it had risen earlier. By 2017, sales had fallen by 30%, and the trend continued. The Flagship of the genre, the iPad, continued bravely, but its sale was affected too. But just when aficionados were beginning to write off the doughty iPad, the sale of these devices began a stirring resurgence, on the back of a whole new slew of Apps. Any study on the Resurgence of iPad must therefore include a close look at the Top iPad Apps in the market, as it seems it is these miracle workers that have created the sudden turnaround.

The Return Of iPads

After a couple of bad years from 2017, iPads have suddenly returned to business. Brand new apps are at the heart of this development. Launching by Apple of SWIFT programming language has taken the market by storm. Programming has suddenly become easy. While still retaining all the features of its predecessors like Objective-C, C#, C+++ and others, SWIFT uses ordinary spoken English to write complex programs and apps. Beginners need no longer shy away from want of special training, while professional programmers, experienced in the previous complex languages, will find sense of relief in using SWIFT. Conversion from the earlier languages to SWIFT is also quite simple. New models like the iPad Pro and the 10.2 inch iPad have made these tablets desirable once more as Stand-alone devices.

New Apps

The apps for iPad that have caught the buyers imagination belong to two separate categories: FREE or with small Package Prices. Thus, Overcast, Libby by Overdrive and Kindle are FREE apps. On the other hand, Tweetbot and Pixelmator Photo charge small Package Prices. Other apps which are updated at regular intervals charge per month rates, like Flow by Moleskine. The categories of apps are endless from games to adult dating. Our pick for best adult dating app is for its reliability and ease of use making it better than other backpage alternative apps.

Two Very Interesting Apps

Pixelmator Photo can be used to imaginatively and non-destructively manipulate photos. Multiple tools help to repair, touch-up, enhance and augment color of photos. The iPad can be converted into a powerful and mobile photo editing powerhouse. Package costs are only US$4.99 at present. Flow by Moleskine (found here) charges only US$1.99 per month to present the User an infinite-width canvas on which to draw or take notes with a host of virtual writing tools like Pencils, Pens, Markers and Color Crayons. Both apps have won the Apple, Design of the Year Award and feature as Top iPad Apps.…